CONCERN Treatment Unit for Boys Reaches Milestone

CONCERN Treatment Unit for Boys (CTUB) Lehighton and Coatesville Campuses combined recently placed its 2,000th resident.

This milestone is a testament not only to longevity, but to the dedication of staff and the overall program that is offered to at-risk adolescent males.

In brief, CTUBs are staff-secure, residential facilities with the goal of changing individual mind-sets and behavior patterns of males ages 12 to 18, so these youth will be able to function appropriately in society and return to their communities as healthy, productive citizens.

The program provides daily opportunities for emotional, social, educational, and physical growth. This not only minimizes the likelihood of continued negative behavior, but also prepares the youth for responsible social living.

The youth referred to the program, primarily by county office of juvenile probation and offices of children and youth, have been adjudicated delinquent or dependent and possess a myriad of challenging behaviors. These youth require services to deal with delinquent behaviors, mental health issues, abuse issues, addiction issues, vocational, educational and independence issues.
With government dollars available and the belief that private providers like CONCERN could operate group homes for delinquent boys more efficiently and cost effectively than the state, CONCERN decided to pursue this program. So in 1983, with the assistance of a grant from the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency, CONCERN opened their first CTUB in Lehighton (Carbon County, PA).

The success of the program, as well as additional available grant dollars and the need for these services in southeastern Pennsylvania, led to the opening of our Coatesville Campus (Chester County, PA) in 1988.

CTUB has also been previously awarded the “Private Residential Program of the Year” award from the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency.