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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to complete the Family Profile/Approval Document?

By SWAN guidelines, it should take approximately 4 months. However, the timing of the Family Profile/Approval Document is driven by the family. Most of the documentation that is required must be submitted by the family before the interview process can begin. The timing of the family’s attendance at the trainings can also impact the completion of the profile.

Can I see the Family Profile/Approval Document?

Yes. Once it is completed, you will have the opportunity to review your profile for accuracy before CONCERN shares it with other adoption agencies. As the most critical piece of the adoption recommendation process, it’s vital that the information contained in it be accurate and valid. Family Profiles are generally required for all adoptions in Pennsylvania.

How long does it take to complete the adoption process?

Generally about one year. Along with the type of adoption, there are a number of other factors that determine the exact time necessary before an adoption is finalized. In many cases, however, adoptive families are matched with children and adoptive placements are made within a year of completing the Family Profile.

Once my child is found, is there a waiting period before I can adopt him/her?

Yes, a child must be placed in an adoptive home for about six months prior to the adoption being finalized.

Is there financial assistance before, during, or after the adoption process to help in adopting and/or caring for my adoptive child?

There are two forms of assistance available to adoptive parents. There is an adoption subsidy and a tax credit. The adoption subsidy is a legal contract that is negotiated between the county children and youth agency that has custody of the child and the family who wishes to adopt the child. If a child is eligible, the subsidy has three parts to it. There is a cash per diem that is usually paid on a monthly basis, a medical assistance card, and reimbursement for one-time, non-recurring fees for the adoption of the child.

A tax credit is also available to some adoptive parents of special needs children. A family’s modified adjusted gross income must be of a certain level. The amount of the credit will depend on your income. The amount of the tax credit varies each tax year. For 2013 the credit could be as much as $12,970. Families should see their tax advisers for additional information. Other resources that can provide information are: adoption.assistance@nacac.org or www.nacac.org/adoptionsubsidy/factsheets/taxes.html.


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