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Behavioral Health Services

The goal of all behavioral health programming offered by CONCERN Behavioral Health Services is to promote resilience, overall wellness, as well as facilitate the restoration and/or maintenance of independent functioning within the community. CONCERN’s treatment modalities utilize a strengths-based and client centered focus and encourage clients and families to identify and maximize their own resources and natural supports.

CONCERN adheres to CASSP Principles.

CONCERN Behavioral Health Services offers professional, confidential, client-centered mental health treatment to a diverse clientele of varying demographics ranging in age from two to adulthood. Our clients’ daily lives are often affected directly or indirectly by a variety of common stressors such as financial hardship, abuse, neglect, grief, interpersonal conflict, diagnoses such as depression, bipolar, and anxiety, workplace discord, divorce, etc. A range of programming exists to serve each client’s individual needs on a continuum of care spanning from outpatient treatment to more intensive services such as Community Residential Rehabilitation.

Behavioral Health Services offered by CONCERN

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