Making a Difference to So Many

This past fiscal year, CONCERN served 6,701 clients through our various behavioral health, foster care, adoption and permanency, residential and community based programs. This could not have been done without our talented staff and dedicated foster parents.

CONCERN Behavioral Health Services, through a variety of Outpatient, Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services, Crisis Intervention, Family Based Mental Health, and Partial Hospitalization programs, impacted the lives of 5,543 individuals.

Our foster care programs, comprised of Intensive, Medical, Traditional, Intermediate, Mother/Baby, and Community Residential Rehabilitation programs, met the daily needs of 438 children and youth.

Meanwhile, the Adoption and Permanency Department assisted 407 children in finding their ‘forever families’ through their work providing child profiles, child preparation services, child specific recruitment, finalized adoptions, family profiles, and placement services.

Our Community Based Services touched the lives of 207 individuals and families through programs in Visit Coaching, Intensive Family Reunification Services, In-Home Services, Parent Education/Nurturing Parenting, Intensive Case Management for Transitional Youth, and Supervised Visitation Services to families and children that have been identified by county children and youth agencies in order to prevent out-of-home placement or to reunite the children with their families.

Finally, our residential facilities sought to change the mind-sets and behavior patterns of 106 adolescent males, so they will be able to lead productive and positive lives.
Thank you to everyone for a job well done!