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Foster and/or Adoptive Parenting

Foster and/or adoptive parents provide alternative living arrangements when it has been determined that a child cannot remain in the home of his/her biological parents.

CONCERN provides a variety of supportive services to families such as compensation, training, and respite. CONCERN matches children with families who are able to best meet their needs.

It takes a special person to become a foster/adoptive parent. Opening your home to children who need your love and care is a significant contribution to making a difference to the lives of these children. Through your support and commitment you open many doors for children allowing them to look forward to brighter futures and a productive adulthood.

The first steps to becoming a foster/adoptive family include attending an informational meeting, completing a formal application, and participating in several interviews with a recruiter. The recruiter assists families in completing all of the necessary paperwork and answering a family’s questions about foster care.

Who the Children Are

CONCERN’s foster care and adoption and permanency programs work with children and youth who are part of the child welfare system. These children have experienced difficult lives, which may include abuse, neglect, trauma, separation from their birth families, previous placements, and multiple losses. Children may be of any age up to age 21, any race or ethnic background, or part of a sibling group. Some children have special medical or educational needs. Others have emotional or behavioral issues that require special parenting.

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