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Foster Care Services

Intensive Foster Care

Intensive Foster Care (Treatment Foster Care in Maryland) is a community-based program for children and youth whose needs cannot be met in their own families and therefore requires out-of-home placements. Children in this program may exhibit significant behavioral problems, and/or varying degrees of social or emotional dysfunctions. CONCERN’s specially trained foster parents create a family-like environment, which improves the child’s opportunities for more normalized daily living experiences.

Intermediate Foster Care

Intermediate Foster Care provides out-of-home placement services for children and youth who generally do not require more intensive interventions such as behavioral health services.

Medical Foster Care

Medical Foster Care provides homes for children with acute physical, emotional or mental disabilities as an alternative to hospitalization or institutionalization. CONCERN identifies particular foster parents who are capable of meeting the child’s special needs and who are trained in the specific medical condition(s) of the child. In the state of Maryland this program is referred to as Medically Fragile Foster Care.

Mother/Baby Foster Care

Mother/Baby Foster Care is designed to provide support to an adolescent or expectant mother in her efforts to develop a good parent/child relationship, while focusing on the competencies of parenting skills, child development, sexual safety, and independent living. Mothers enrolled in this program must establish a routine to address her infant’s needs, provide stimulating development, and educational activities for her infant, coordinate and arrange medical care for the infant, establish a budget to practice household management and enroll in an educational program or be gainfully employed.

Community Residential Rehabilitation Service Program

Community Residential Rehabilitation (CRR) provides individualized, community-based treatment within a caring and structured private residence termed a host home. The host home parents are an integral part of the treatment team and assist with the implementation of treatment interventions. This program offers a variety of clinical, case management, counseling, and educational services to support the clients’ needs. Family therapy is an integral component of CRR and assists with the client’s return home to his/her legal family or other permanent living situation.

Foster/Adopt and Adoption

Foster/Adopt and Adoption programs are designed to improve permanency outcomes for children in foster care. CONCERN is committed to helping children find a permanent family they can call their own. Services the department provides include Child Profiles, Child Preparation Services, Child Specific Recruitment Services, Placement Services, Family Preparation and Profiles, and Finalization Services.

Family Time/Visit Coaching

Family Time/Visit Coaching is designed to assist parents in safely maintaining or regaining full parental responsibilities for their children as well as strengthening the skills of the family unit. The program is to ensure that the parent(s) are providing nurturing care, protection and guidance to their children to the best of their abilities. It is expected that the parent(s) will demonstrate improved competency in their knowledge of child development, behavioral management skills and life skills.

Trauma Foster Care

Trauma Focused Foster Care is designed to provide a less restrictive placement setting for youth who are stepping down from a more restrictive congregate care setting such as a group home or residential facility. These youth are unable to live with their families due behavioral issues as a result of complex trauma associated with a myriad of experiences such as physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, severe neglect, abandonment or another traumatic loss, witness to domestic violence or violent crime, parental substance abuse, and homelessness. Foster parents are specially trained in trauma informed care and work closely with behavioral health staff who are certified in trauma focused cognitive behavioral therapy.



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