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Foster/Adopt and Adoption

Foster/Adopt and Adoption services are provided through CONCERN’s Greater Berks, Lehigh Valley, Maryland, Northeast, Southeast, and Susquehanna Valley offices.

Children deserve a loving and safe home. For those unable to live with their birth families, foster care offers a safe and caring environment. While foster care can nurture an abused or neglected child, what children desire most is a permanent home and family. CONCERN’s Foster/Adopt program provides an innovative approach for children to secure a safe, loving and permanent home.

An outgrowth of the Adoption and Safe Families Act (ASFA) of 1997, the Foster/Adopt program places children with a family recruited specifically to provide foster care services and serve as a potential adoption resource. Children who enter care with the goal of, or whose service plan changes to, termination of parental rights /adoption can be placed into the Foster/Adopt program.

Prospective adoptive families first provide foster care services and must meet all foster care regulations. Families receive training in both foster care and adoption. If the adoption becomes final, family members have the added benefit of already growing and bonding as a unit.

 Families in the Foster/Adopt program:

  • care for, support and encourage children until they return to their birth family or their parental rights are terminated
  • gain the opportunity to bond with a child more quickly and at a younger age
  • gain first consideration as an adoptive resource for a child placed in their home if that child’s goal is changed from reunification to adoption
  • may be involved in visitations between children and birth parents
  • receive regular support services and established in-home casework contact
  • are required to meet standard foster care regulations including training and home safety requirements
  • are paid a per diem rate, travel expenses and, possibly, a clothing allowance for as long as a child placed in their home maintains a foster care status. In addition, children in the foster care segment of this program are provided medical coverage.


Interested in Foster Parenting?

If you are interested in becoming a foster parent, please complete our Foster Parenting Questionnaire.

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