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Support Services


Prior to your first placement you will receive specific pre-service training on the many aspects of foster care. As a foster parent you will receive on-going training to provide you with the basic and specialized skills needed for foster parenting.

Case Management

Our experienced staff will meet with you and the children placed in your home on a regular basis to support the child’s placement and to provide you with the assistance and direction needed to care for the children.


You will receive a daily stipend (paid monthly) to cover the costs incurred in providing room and board for each child. In addition, this daily stipend covers the cost of providing items such as weekly allowances, activities, haircuts, birthday gifts, clothing, school expenses, diapers, and formula for children, as well as required transportation.


Relief counselors and respite families are available to foster parents to take scheduled breaks from the demands of foster parenting.


When it is not possible for a foster parent to transport children to family visits due to their work schedule or other demands, CONCERN employs drivers to assist with transportation.

24 Hour On-Call

When difficulties arise and foster parents require assistance, staff is available and on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Clinical Services

Some of CONCERN’s regional offices have on-site clinical services, available for foster children or can arrange for community services near your home.

Medical Care

The medical needs of all foster children in care are covered by insurance. CONCERN’s Medical Services Coordinator is also available to support the placement of medically needy children.

Special Needs Fund

This fund provides for the varied needs of the children in care not covered through traditional funding sources. From donations received through an array of fundraising efforts, the Special Needs Fund meets educational, recreational, and excessive medical needs as well as provides for summer camperships.


An acronym for Supporting Teens After Release, this fund assists in meeting the needs of those clients who will soon “age-out” of the foster care/child welfare system. This fund provides limited funding to meet independent living, educational and job necessity related expenses.

Holiday Gifts

Through generous donations from the community and staff, CONCERN is able to provide each foster child with several gifts of their choice for the holidays.

Recognition Events and Other Special Events

Each year our foster parents are specially recognized for their work with children at a special luncheon or dinner. In addition, special events for the entire family are arranged through the year, such as summer picnics or outings to an amusement or ballpark as well as holiday parties.

Foster Parenting Informational Meeting

Informational meetings are held at each foster care service site.  Contact the site nearest you for more information on upcoming meetings.

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