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Annual Report 2022- 2023 
45 Years of Excellence

Message from CONCERN's President/CEO

45 years ago, a group of caring human service professionals started CONCERN as a foster care agency.  As the story is told, everyone was concerned about children, concerned about their well-being, concerned about their future, concerned, concerned, concerned. The group decided the best name for this new non-profit would be CONCERN and that is how the 45-year journey toward excellence began!  


Through the late 70s and early 80s, the agency focused on foster care. Since then, CONCERN has expanded the focus of its service to include behavioral health services, community-based programs, and residential treatment.  Here is a snapshot of CONCERN’s 45 years of EXCELENCE:  

· Provided support and services to over 200,000 people 

· Supported 27,000 children in youth and placement services 

· Finalized 5,000 adoptions 

· Served 70,000 behavioral health clients 

· Housed 2,200 residential treatment clients 


This past year has been a year of continued growth and providing excellent services throughout PA and MD.  We opened a new office in Coudersport, PA, which will provide more services to people living in rural areas of PA, began two new evidence-based programs, Functional Family Therapy (FFT), and Family Group Decision Making.  We were also fortunate to raise $30,000 for our newly established behavioral health fund, were the recipients of a golf tournament fundraiser hosted by Silva Contracting and hosted our first signature event for CONCERNS 45th anniversary.   This is the first year CONCERN is able to provide scholarships for clients who are pursuing higher education.  We developed the Mary Beth Hughes Scholarship Fund and will provide 5 scholarships to youth who have been part of CONCERN’s Foster Care Program or adopted through CONCERN.  We also won a competitive grant from Pennsylvania Community Crime and Delinquency (PCCD) to award a total of 400k in Scholarships funds up to $10,000 per student who meet the eligibility criteria.  We are grateful for the support of our donors, foundations, corporate sponsors, and digital media followers who continue to believe in our mission and support our continued excellence. 


Gordon May, President/CEO

Board Chair Pic

Message from CONCERN's Board Chair 

It’s a great honor for me to serve as the Board Chair for CONCERN.  Like every other Board member, I have come to embrace the agency's mission and been fortunate to form strong relationships with the amazing people who shape and deliver its services.     

Since its founding 45 years ago, CONCERN has delivered innovative and effective programs to meet the needs of children and families in need of adoption and permanency planning, foster care, and behavioral health services.  Through the thoughtful intervention of dedicated staff, CONCERN has brought hope and stability to tens of thousands of people in crisis.  

While we celebrate the success of the past 45 years, we all know there is still a great amount of work to do.  With this in mind, I’m calling on you as a donor and community partner.  Please help us put our shared love for others into action.  

With hopes of continuing our good work together, I remain respectfully yours,

Martin J. D'Urso

45th Anniversary Celebration


45th Anniversary Celebration

45th jpg 2.png

CONCERN in the Media

Our Fiscal Health

Agency revenue fiscal year 2022-2023


clients served annuall


Adoption and Permanency Achievements
Foster Care Achievements

Program & Agency Highlights

Foster Care & Adoption461 Clients

Total Clients7566

Residential services Achievements

Residential Clients53

Behavioral HealthClients6,851

Behavioral Health Achievements
Agency Highlights

Community Based Program201 Clients

CBP Achievements
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