CONCERN Introduces It's Core Values

By Jane Zettlemoyer

At its September Board of Directors meeting, CONCERN approved CONCERN’s “Core Values.” These values were derived by a collaboration of CONCERN management and supervisory staff and members of the Board of Directors. These values represent CONCERN’s guiding principles, standards and expectations in the delivery of our mission.

CONCERN’s continued success is grounded in embracing and maintaining the following core values:

Compassion – We bring a genuine sensitivity and understanding about another person’s trauma and a willingness to help to make that person’s situation better.

Commitment – We are dedicated to the success of our clients, community partners, and employees. If they succeed, we succeed.

Respect – We are considerate and helpful, recognizing the inherent worth and dignity of every person treating everyone with fairness and respect.

Community – We accomplish more when we work together, understanding our collective strengths and having shared attributes with those among us.

Diversity – We value and respect the natural individual differences of our backgrounds, cultures, interests, and experiences that make us unique.

Dedication – We are devoted to our work, mission, and the well-being of others to ensure the “hope, opportunity, and change” we promise.

Dependability – We are reliable and trustworthy, and our word is our bond.

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