Spreading the Word on Air

What seems to have become almost a regular routine, CONCERN was again heard through Berks County and surrounding areas on Wednesday, May 6 from 11:00 am to noon on Feedback with Mike Faust on 830 AM WEEU.


While this broadcast was in celebration of both National Foster Care Month and Mental Health Awareness Month, each of CONCERN’s service lines were represented to share the totality of our work with the entire community.


Joining host Mike Faust were CONCERN President/CEO Gordon May who co-hosted the hour.  Joining Mike and Gordon were Julia de Vos (Greater Berks Foster Parent Recruiter), Leith Frisch (Adoption and Permanency Services Manager), Sarah Baluch (Greater Berks Community Based Program Caseworker), and Tanya Jones (Vice President – Behavioral Health Services).  Everyone did a wonderful job and made CONCERN very proud. 

You can listen to this great program by clicking here.

In addition to the show being dedicated to CONCERN, 60 30 second ads will run on WEEU during the month raising awareness of foster care and mental health issues.