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Behavioral Health Services

Family Portrait

The goal of all behavioral health programming offered by CONCERN Behavioral Health Services is to promote resilience, overall wellness, as well as facilitate the restoration and/or maintenance of independent functioning within the community. CONCERN’s treatment modalities utilize a strengths-based and client-centered focus and encourage clients and families to identify and maximize their own resources and natural supports.

CONCERN Behavioral Health Services offers professional, confidential, client-centered mental health treatment to a diverse clientele of varying demographics ranging in age from two to adulthood. Our clients’ daily lives are often affected directly or indirectly by a variety of common stressors such as financial hardship, abuse, neglect, grief, interpersonal conflict, diagnoses such as depression, bipolar, and anxiety, workplace discord, divorce, etc. A range of programming exists to serve each client’s individual needs on a continuum of care spanning from outpatient treatment to more intensive services such as Community Residential Rehabilitation.

Our electronic health record system called Credible has a client portal that is available for use for Behavioral Health clients. A client portal is a secure online website that gives the client access to their health records at CONCERN anytime and anywhere they have an internet or data connection. The portal is in English or Spanish. 


The CONCERN Credible Client Portal should not be used for emergency related or other urgent matters. Contact your provider by phone, call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.


CONCERN Credible Portal users must be at least 18 years of age.


PLEASE NOTE: We are in the beginning stages of making the portal available to all clients, so some features are not yet available to all users. We are implementing the portal for individuals in some programs with a goal of having it available to all individuals that we serve. 


What you can see in the portal:

-View or update your personal information

-View upcoming appointments

-View visit summaries

-View medications

-View statement balance

-Send and receive messages to the office about appointments


How to sign up: Your behavioral health provider can give you information on how to access the portal.  You will receive an email with a unique registration key and instructions. Registration must be completed within 5 days or the registration key will expire and you will have to contact CONCERN for a new registration key.


Please review these Terms and Conditions (see link below) so that you are fully informed about the portal and about your responsibilities, the risks and benefits of using the portal.

Link for Terms and Conditions: HERE


Link to Notice of Privacy Practices: HERE


Link for the Client Portal Log-In page: HERE

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Outpatient Behavioral Health

Outpatient Counseling is provided to children, adolescents, adults, and families at CONCERN’s confidential, licensed outpatient clinic sites in Mansfield, Towanda, Bethlehem, Wyomissing, and Fleetwood. Outpatient sites are also staffed by psychiatrists who provide evaluative and medication management services. In CONCERN’s rural offices, including Towanda and Mansfield, Telepsychiatry is a convenient option for clients to receive needed psychiatric care where limited face to face psychiatric care time is available in rural locations, such as Towanda and Mansfield.

School-Based Outpatient Services

School-based Outpatient Services are provided within the school district. Children and adolescents are offered counseling services by Master’s level clinicians within his/her school, thereby increasing access to services. Referrals are made through the guidance office, students, parents, or the school Student Assistance Program (SAP) liaison. Services include individual, group, and family therapy, as well as educational and professional trainings delivered to school staff and parents.

Intensive Behavioral Health Services

Intensive Behavioral Health Services (IBHS) are part of the comprehensive mental health system of care for children, youth, and their families working cooperatively in the home, school, and community with the primary goals being to achieve the highest possible level of functioning and to promote well-being.  The three categories of IBHS include: 1) Individual Services which provide services to one child; 2) Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), which is a specific behavioral approach to services; and 3) Group Services which are most often provided to multiple children at a specific place.

Family-Based Mental
Health Services

Family Based Mental Health Services (FBMH) are intensive, team-delivered services provided in the home and community and designed to integrate mental health treatment, family support services, and case management. The goal of FBMH treatment is to help children and adolescents with a serious mental health diagnosis remain with their family in the community.

Partial Hospitalization Services

Partial Hospitalization provides three hours of mental health treatment programming per day in the form of group, individual, and family therapy, as well as psychiatric and psychological services to clients in grades kindergarten through twelfth. The educational component of the program is provided by the local school district, and CONCERN Counseling Services provides the mental health treatment component.

Crisis Intervention Services

Crisis Intervention Services provide a rapid response to crisis situations to clients of all ages who exhibit acute symptoms. Clients are provided appropriate counseling, consultation, referral, resolution, linkage, and follow-up.  Crisis intervention services include: Telephone, Mobile, and Walk-In. Mobile crisis services are delivered to clients in situations deemed unmanageable through telephonic intervention. Crisis staff will travel to meet the client and render services on-site, in the home, community, etc. Walk-in crisis hours are available during business hours in CONCERN’s rural offices and assist those experiencing a mental health emergency. Telephonic and Mobile Crisis Intervention Services are provided 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.


The premise for the provision of Co-Responder Services is that diversion from incarceration and decrease the length of the stay of incarcerations are achievable if the client is able to receive the appropriate mental health, drug and alcohol, or other appropriate service. Recovery oriented, strengths based, person centered, and Trauma Informed Principles are applied to in order to build on client strengths and core motivation to work toward success. 

The goals of Co-Responder are two-fold: 

- Divert those in need of services from incarceration, or decrease the length of stay of incarceration for those individuals, through direct Co-Responder services.

- Educate and inform the community to help improve access to care, through indirect prevention and leadership activities in the community.

Functional Family

Functional Family Therapy (FFT) is a nationally researched and evidence-based model of home-based family therapy. The outcome-driven therapy involves all members within the family working together to prevent out-of-home placement, to intervene on behalf of family re-building, and to reunify the family unit. The program targets youth aged 11–18, and their families at risk and/or presenting with delinquency, family conflict, truancy, violence, substance use, gang related behavior, and other behavioral disorders.

Employee Assistance Program 

Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) for large and small businesses are available.  CONCERN’s EAP programs assist employees, and in some cases, immediate family members, with the identification and resolution of personal matters that may impact workplace performance. Consultation, referrals, groups, educational seminars, etc. are also examples of services that CONCERN’s EAP services offers.

Payment And Insurance Options


Privacy - HIPAA

Family Portrait

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (“HIPAA”) provides comprehensive guidance for patients including their privacy rights concerning the use or disclosure of their medical information. These rights are described in detail in the Notice of Privacy Practices.

Resources for Clients and Families

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