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Community Based Services

Visit Coaching

Visit Coaching program is designed to assist parents in safely maintaining or regaining full parental responsibilities for their children as well as strengthening the skills of the family unit.  The program purpose is to ensure that the parent(s) are providing nurturing care, protection and guidance to their children to the best of their abilities.  It is expected that the parent(s) will demonstrate improved competency in their knowledge of child development, behavioral management skills and life skills.

Intensive Family
Reunification Services

Intensive Family Reunification Services program utilizes short-term, intensive, family and home-based interventions designed to reunite families with their children who are in out-of-home placement as quickly and safely as possible.  This program is designed to reduce the length of time a child is in foster care by strengthening the family unit.

In-Home Services

In-Home Services program provides services to at-risk families in their own homes and communities. These services include areas such as teaching parenting skills, housekeeping, budgeting, transportation to appointments, and locating appropriate housing.  This program is designed to empower parents and enhance their ability to maintain the family unit.

Parent Education/
Nurturing Parent

Parent Education/Nurturing Parenting is an evidenced-based program designed to teach parents to promote and nourish themselves, their children, and their environment.  Nurturing Parenting addresses five primary areas; 1) age appropriate expectations and self-worth; 2) responding empathically to a child’s needs; 3) disciplining children with dignity; 4) appropriate family roles; and 5) empowering children and adults.

Intensive Case Management Program for Transitional Youth

Intensive Case Management Program for Transitional Youth provides services to youth in subsidized apartments emphasizing full-time employment, access to educational/vocational programs, and eventual transitioning to permanent housing.

Supervised Visitation Services

Supervised Visitation Services allows parents in high conflict or high-risk situations access to their children in a safe and supervised setting. These services are used to protect children who are in out of home placement from potentially physically or emotionally harmful situations while allowing parental access and providing support for the parent/child relationship.

School Engagement Program

The School Engagement Program is designed to provide services to children and families impacted by truancy, with the aim of increasing consistent school attendance. These services can last between two to six months and focus on addressing school attendance barriers, accessing and receiving community resources, and collaborating with service providers such as the school, county caseworkers, juvenile probation and district magistrate offices. School and home visits are provided and are targeted at engaging children and youth in improving success rates with schooling. 

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