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Community-Based Programs

What are Community- Based Programs?

Community-based programs (CBP’s) are designed to help keep or reunite children with their families and community and are provided in a variety of community settings.


CONCERN’s CBP’s emphasize the importance of strengthening the family unit by pairing family strengths with proven methods that support and promote quality parenting.


CONCERN CBP’s include:

  • Visit Coaching Program

  • Intensive Family Reunification Services

  • Parent Education Programs

  • Casework Services

  • Family Group Decision Making Program

  • Supervised Visitation Services

  • School Engagement Program

  • Transportation Service

  • Intensive Case Management Program for Transitional Youth

  • School Based Resource Coordinator Program

  • Famiily Finding Program

  • Crisis Rapid Response Services

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Visit Coaching Program

The Visit Coaching Program utilizes family strengths to identify and attend to the needs of the children, recognize and plan to address the individualized needs of each child and strengthen parent’s coping skills. Parents will gain enhanced skills in behavior management, child development, and parenting skills.

Intensive Family Reunification Program

The Intensive Family Reunification Services utilize short-term, intensive, family, and home-based interventions to strengthen the family unit. It is designed to reunite families with their children who are in out-of-home placement as quickly and safely as possible. It can also serve families with children in the home by reducing the need for out-of-home placement.

Parent Education Programs

The Parent Education Programs utilize Evidenced-Based programs to equip parents/caregivers with positive parenting skills. Current programs include Triple P – Positive Parenting Program and Nurturing Parenting. Triple P provides simple and practical strategies to help build strong, healthy relationships, confidently manage children’s behavior, and prevent problems from developing. Nurturing Parenting teaches parents/caregivers how to promote and nourish themselves, their children, and their environment.

Casework Services

Casework Services are designed to empower parents and enhance their ability to maintain the family unit. Services can include areas such as housekeeping, education, budgeting training, transportation to appointments, and locating appropriate housing. They can be for a short period of time, for an emergency, or for an extended period with the frequency and duration of sessions individually determined by the need.

Family Group Decision Making Program

The Family Group Decision Making Program is an Evidence-Based model that is designed to help parents become the leaders in decision making about their children's safety, permanency, and well-being. The program is offered to families whose children are at-risk of out-of-home placement or families that have open case management with CYS that are in need of identifying additional supports. 

Supervised Visitation Services 

Supervised Visitation Services provides parents and children the opportunity to visit in a supported, nurturing, and supervised setting. During parent and child interactions, emphasis is placed on promoting positive relationship building and increased parent-child bonding.

Crisis Rapid Response

The Crisis Rapid Response Service coordinates a Family Meeting within 24 hours of a Crisis referral and within 72 hours of a Rapid referral, for families whose children are at-risk of out-of-home placement. The purpose of the meeting is to bring together the family and their existing supportive relationships to help resolve the risk factors. Family Finding strategies will be used to identify and invite their connections to participate in the meeting.

Family Finding Program

The Family Finding Program seeks to create a support network for a child(ren) and their family that will provide care and assistance for them according to their needs. Through a variety of techniques, a Family Finding Caseworker will locate and engage as many family connections as possible (e.g. relatives, friends, etc.).

School Engagement Program

The School Engagement Program is designed to provide services to children and families impacted by truancy, with the aim of increasing consistent school attendance. These services can last between two to six months and focus on addressing school attendance barriers, accessing and receiving community resources, and collaborating with service providers such as the school, county caseworkers, juvenile probation and district magistrate offices. School and home visits are provided and are targeted at engaging children and youth in improving success rates with schooling.


Transportation Service is designed to provide for the transportation needs of clients and/or their families who are actively involved in Children and Youth Services. This service can be utilized for children or parents for many different reasons including but not limited to court attendance, visitation, D&A/MH appointments, emergency placements, even getting children to and from school.

Intensive Case Management Program
for Transitional Youth

Intensive Case Management Program for Transitional Youth provides services to youth in subsidized apartments emphasizing full-time employment, access to educational/vocational programs, and eventual transitioning to permanent housing.

School Based Resource Coordinator Program 

The School Based Resource Coordinator Program provides children, youth and their families

access to resources aimed at increasing academic participation and performance. Collaboration

with identified students, families, school staff, and community resources is utilized to develop

individualized goals and interventions that integrate the student and family strengths and their

natural supports. Additional services are also considered and pursued as appropriate. Services

are provided for an estimated time of 3-6 months with a possible continuation available after a reassessment.

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