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Residential Services

CONCERN Treatment Unit for Boys (CTUB)

CTUB is a staff-secure, residential facility for padolescent males. The CTUB program is located in a rural setting in Chester County, PA.

The goal of this program is to change the mind sets and behavior patterns of the youth so that they will be able to function appropriately in society and will return to the community as healthy, productive citizens.

The length of placement is determined by the specific needs of the youth. The program provides daily opportunities for emotional, social, educational, and physical growth. This not only minimizes the likelihood of continued negative behavior, but also prepares the youth for responsible social living. Upon arrival, each youth is familiarized with the program philosophy and rules. Individual Service Plans (ISP) are created to enable the staff to deal more effectively with each youth. The process is completed within the youth’s first month of placement and results are forwarded to the youth’s agency worker.After the initial orientation period, the client is assigned to a beginning phase, where privileges must be earned by changes in behavior and attitude.Each youth is assigned a case manager, and one-on-one youth worker. Through the use of a variety of services, each youth begins to face reality and the problems that required out of home placement. Behavioral Health Services are provided through CONCERN Counseling Services and local community based providers.(On grounds individual therapy, family therapy, psychiatric evaluations,monthly medication management, drug and alcohol support, and Aggression Replacement Training (ART), cognitive-behaviorally-based intervention 
designed to serve youth who display violent and aggressive behavior. 

Group sessions are provided. Peer feedback allows for insights into the causes of one’s attitudes and behaviors. An education program provided by the local school district provides individualized instruction. A certified teacher conducts classes daily, and GED instruction is offered to those youth who are of age and express an interest. Social contacts are encouraged both inside and outside of the unit. When the youth begins to display the capability of interacting positively with peers and staff, he is given the opportunity to interact with members of the local community through employment, community service, educational field trips, and off-grounds activities. Recreational activities are offered to each youth to assist with social skills development and exposure to appropriate physical and social outlets. 

Friends on a Mountain

Privacy - HIPAA

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (“HIPAA”) provides comprehensive guidance for patients including their privacy rights concerning the use or disclosure of their medical information. These rights are described in detail in the Notice of Privacy Practices.

Title I Reading and Math Support

The Coatesville Treatment Unit for Boys receives funds through several federal and state allocated grant awards. These funds are used to provide programs and services for reading and math support

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