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Planned Giving

Designed to give individuals the opportunity to leave a legacy or life gift to benefit children and allow CONCERN to continue its mission for many years to come. Gifts can be direct bequests of cash, retirement plans, securities, real estate, personal property, life insurance, etc. Please contact CONCERN’s Development Department for more information. [CONCERN is not engaged in rendering legal or tax advisory service, so please consult your attorney or tax advisor.]

Planned Giving programs are designed to give individuals the opportunity to make a gift that will create a legacy for themselves, while at the same time allow a charitable organization to continue its mission for many years to come. Since planned gifts are given from a donor’s life assets rather than through earned income, they require “planning” and are often transmitted to a nonprofit organization through a legal instrument such as a will or trust.

All of the following planned giving vehicles can have significant income tax implications. Please note CONCERN is not engaged in rendering legal or tax advisory service. For advice and assistance in specific cases, services of an attorney, accountant or other professional advisors should be obtained.


A bequest for the benefit of CONCERN may be included in the body of your will, or through a codicil (an amendment to your will), or your revocable living trust. Please use CONCERN’s legal name of “CONCERN – Professional Services for Children, Youth, and Families” when naming CONCERN as a beneficiary. You also may designate how your bequest should be used.

Gifts of Life Insurance

For those of even modest means, gifts of life insurance policies are a way to make a substantial legacy gift to CONCERN. Gifts of life insurance can be made naming CONCERN as the irrevocable owner of the policy. This option can literally cost “pennies on the dollars” and provide a significant donation to CONCERN, while allowing a donor to make a substantially larger charitable gift than would otherwise be possible.

Gifts of Retirement Plans

Using retirement plans such as IRAs and 401(k) and 403(b) accounts can provide a meaningful and lasting gift to CONCERN. Due to the potentially harsh estate and income tax treatment of retirement plan benefits, the cost of using retirement plan accounts as a gifting vehicle can be lower than using other types of property.

Gifts of Appreciated Securities

Stocks or shares in a mutual fund are donated to CONCERN through our designated brokerage account. Gifts of appreciated securities to CONCERN are usually more advantageous than giving cash. If a donor gives appreciated securities held longer than one year, the donor can deduct their full market value regardless of what the donor originally paid for them, assuming the donor itemizes on their tax return.

Outright Gifts of Tangible Personal Property

Tangible personal property is broadly defined in the tax code as any property, other than land or buildings, which can be seen or touched. Examples include works of art, antiques and collections such as stamps, coins, sports memorabilia, etc. This gifting option is often best for those where these possessions are no longer intended for their use or have become a burden to maintain or insure.

Gifts of Real Estate

Real estate including commercial or residential property, rental or vacation properties, farmland, or undeveloped land can reap significant tax benefits by making planned gifts. First the donor identifies real property to be donated, then CONCERN evaluates the property to determine if it falls within its Gift Acceptance Policy, and finally the donor has the property appraised to establish its fair market value.

Life Income Gifts

Life income gifts, or gifts that permit a donor to retain a benefit, can include a charitable gift annuity, charitable remainder trust, charitable remainder annuity trust, pooled income fund, and charitable lead trust. The benefits can include income payments for your life and the life of your spouse (or someone else), should you choose. Due to the complexity of these planned giving vehicles, it is recommended that you consult with the services of an attorney, accountant, or other professional advisors.

Looking for other ways to give?

To learn more about cash back programs, workplace fundraising campaigns, volunteering and our ongoing wish list, please click here.

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