CONCERN Completes Strategic Plan

Planning has been the cornerstone to CONCERN’s success. This includes both business and strategic planning.

Since 1994, CONCERN’s senior management and Board of Directors have diligently dedicated the time, seeking input from all facets of the agency, to produce a comprehensive strategic plan document that can be incorporated into site business plans.

The conventional wisdom of most strategic plans has been to create a three-to-five year document, but in the ever-changing human services environment in which CONCERN operates, a strategic plan in excess of two years or longer has become impractical since it may become obsolete.

Armed with the results of a survey completed by CONCERN supervisors with input from all staff and the Board of Directors, CONCERN’s Senior Leadership Team engaged in a lively discussion on April 15 with consultant Claudia Williams of the Human Zone to forge a document that will guide the agency for the next two years.

According to Ms. Williams, “In contrast to long-term planning, which begins with the current status and lays down a path to meet estimated future needs, strategic planning begins with the desired end and works backward to the current status.”

At the May Board of Directors meeting, a strategic plan was approved for the next two years. This plan is comprised of six distinct categories representing all facets of the organization and includes Organizational Culture and Wellness, Technology, Programs, Marketing and Branding, Fundraising, Quality, and Infrastructure each with Objectives, Strategies, and Action Plans in order to move CONCERN forward to best meet our mission.

With this comprehensive planning in place, we feel we are committed and well positioned to take on the challenges that may lie ahead.

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