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iFoster partners with CONCERN to distribute resources to children

iFoster’s mission is to ensures that every child growing up outside of their biological home has the resources and opportunities they need to become successful, independent adults. iFoster provides “the stuff” kids in foster care need to succeed. Each year they provide over $125 million in resources to children and youth in and aging out of foster care to ensure they become successful and independent adults. iFoster connects kids in the foster care system with the products, services, knowledge, and supportive adults that can best help them reach their full potential. iFoster identified CONCERN as a partner to distribute resources to children, youth, and families who are impacted by the child welfare system. With iFoster’s support, 29 laptops and 26 tablets were distributed. Susquehanna Valley Office received 3 laptops and 4 tablets, Greater Berks Office received 2 laptops and 1 tablet, Northeast Office received 4 laptops and 5 tablets, Southeast Office received 6 laptops and 10 tablets, CTUB received 4 tablets and 4 phones.

iFoster went above and beyond and we are forever grateful! Thank you

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